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16 Brilliant Pegboard Ideas That Will Help You See Your Walls Differently

Pegboards are boards with a grid-like pattern of small, evenly spaced pre-drilled holes for pegs. You can hang pegboards, mount them, or lean them against walls—and then you can insert pegs or hooks into the holes to support a variety of items. 

You’ve probably seen pegboards in retail settings where they’re used to display things like jewelry and other accessories, but these versatile items are becoming more and more common in homes. Use them in the garage or workshop to organize tools, in the craft room to keep supplies tidy, or in the kitchen to add extra storage space for your cooking gadgets. Pegboards can even be used for displaying home decor pieces.

Here are some clever ideas for using pegboards in any room in the house.

  • Home Office Pegboard Organization

    White House Black Shutters

    With a large pegboard, you can find solutions to hold all of your pens, papers, and other office supplies to help keep your workspace tidy and organized. Add beautiful, bright tissue paper flowers (or another colorful accessory) nearby for some flair.

    Home Office Storage and Organization from White House Black Shutters

  • Kitchen Pegboard DIY

    A Beautiful Mess

    If you have a small kitchen with limited storage space, this is the DIY for you. Install a pegboard to hold all of your kitchen gadgets and free up valuable counter or cabinet space.

    DIY Kitchen Pegboard from A Beautiful Mess

  • Kids’ Room Pegboard

    Aimee Weaver Designs

    Pegboards are so versatile. When designing your kids’ rooms, add one to the wall above their desk so they can organize homework, toys, and hang their art. As they get older and their decor taste changes, they can switch things up easily.

    A Peg Board for the Girls’ Room from Aimee Weaver Designs

  • Workspace Pegboard

    Fabric Paper Glue

    Add a floor-to-ceiling pegboard to your home office or craft room and use it to hold decorative shelves, storage baskets, hooks, and bins containing your office or craft supplies and some mood-lifting decorations, like candles and bright green plants, to help you stay on task.

    Workspace Upgrades from Fabric Paper Glue

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  • Fun Pegboard Makeover

    A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

    Pegboards don’t only have to be utilitarian. Use one to liven up a room by adding fun decorations throughout it. We love the inspirational quotes and plushies displayed here.

    Pegboard Makeover from A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

  • Laundry Room Storage


    Follow this guide to learn just how to cut and hang a large pegboard in your laundry room. You can use it to organize your laundry supplies and even hang up your ironing board.

    How to Hang Pegboard for Perfect Laundry Room Storage from Remodelaholic

  • Garage Organizer

    Clean and Scentsible

    Garages get messy fast, especially when you have kids who own tons of sports equipment and toys. Pegboards are the solution to keep your garage in tip-top shape. This pegboard organization makes it easy to keep everything in its place.

    Garage Pegboard Organizer and Sports Equipment Organization from Clean and Scentsible

  • Major Craft Room Organization

    Honeybear Lane

    Serious crafters often have lots of materials to work with—from spools of thread to craft paints to decorative paper. Keep it all organized and easy to access with an extra large pegboard.

    Extra Large Pegboard for Craft Room Organization from Honeybear Lane

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  • Tool Storage

    Woman In Real Life

    Pegboards are great organizational contraptions for almost any item, but they work especially well for organizing tools. Most tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches, already have holes in their handles so they can easily hang on hooks.

    Garage Organization – DIY Pegboard Tool Organizer & Folding Workbench from Woman In Real Life

  • Extra Kitchen Storage

    Inspired By Charm

    If your kitchen needs a makeover, consider adding a pegboard to organize and store all of your kitchen tools and gadgets. Add a shelf on top to hold things like vases and jars to give your set-up the same vibe as a modern open cabinet.

    Pegboard Kitchen Storage Ideas from Inspired By Charm

  • DIY Pegboard Words

    Lovely Indeed

    Cut your pegboard to create letters and arrange them to spell out your favorite inspirational word or saying. Then, hang it near your home workspace for an uplifting reminder to get after your goals.

    DIY Pegboard Words from Lovely Indeed

  • Open Pantry DIY

    Decor Fix

    Open pantries are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to display your healthy foods like decorations and they provide easy access to ingredients while you’re cooking. Use a pegboard to keep all your supplies tidy.

    Open Pantry Organization from Decor Fix

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  • Pegboard Spice Rack

    The Honeycomb Home

    If you find yourself fumbling through your pantry to find the perfect spice while you’re in the middle of cooking, it’s time for a spice rack to keep the containers organized and accessible. Pegboards to the rescue!

    Pegboard Spice Rack from The Honeycomb Home

  • Bathroom Refresh

    Most Lovely Things

    Follow this tutorial to make your own DIY wooden pegboard by drilling holes into a piece of wood. Then, you can insert pegs and hang shelves to display greenery in your bathroom where moisture-loving plants thrive.

    Make This DIY Modern Pegboard for Houseplants from Most Lovely Things

  • Pegboard Planter


    Houseplants not only look great, but they also improve air quality and boost moods. You can incorporate more plants in your home with a unique DIY pegboard planter. This easy-to-follow pegboard idea will walk you through the process.

    Modern Pegboard Planter from Brepurposed

  • Pegboard Organization System

    Melanie Winters

    Mudrooms and entryways can get disastrously cluttered, and pegboards offer an organizational solution. Hang hooks and baskets to hold keys, mail, and more.

    Pegboard Home Organization System from Melanie Winters

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