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41 Genius Bedroom Organization Ideas That’ll Help You Get Your Life Together

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41 Room Organization Ideas That Are Smart and Stylish

Your bedroom will look brand new and feel a lot less chaotic thanks to these easy organizing tips.

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You may not be royalty, but the bedroom is certainly your kingdom. It’s about time you act like it. That means deciding room organization ideas for handling the pile of clothes on the chair, finding an answer to your large book collection, and figuring out once and for all what you plan to do with your nightstand. It’s time to make sure your bedroom is fit for kings and queens by keeping it as tidy as possible. (Plus, a neat bedroom is a surefire way to help you enjoy some better beauty sleep.)

Of course, that’s not easy once you figure in the amount of time dedicated to meetings, planning dinners, demanding household chores, and just hectic life schedules in general thanks to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Fortunately, these room organization tips can be the key to making your bedroom go from feeling like a chaotic dungeon to a calming castle where your bed is the throne. Plus, it’s an easy way to pour into yourself. Still, if it’s been a while since you’ve tackled the clutter in your room, you can quickly become overwhelmed before you even start. Focusing on one area at a time or one collection of items can certainly make the organized room of your dreams in reach. And never underestimate what you can do in just a few minutes! Whether it’s hanging extra hooks on the back of a door or implementing roll-out storage under the bed, displaying jewelry in an artsy yet organized way, or taking the DIY shelf route to maintain some order, these bedroom organizing tips will make your space feel brand new.

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Make your furniture do double duty.

Safavieh Shoe Storage Ottoman

If you’re investing in a piece of furniture, make it work harder for you. An ottoman like this is great if you need a rest stop to put on your shoes in the morning, and finding one with extra storage inside will make it a highly valuable piece of furniture.

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Don’t let the mail pile up.

MyGiftUS Wall Mounted Mail Holder

Why does it seem like however much time you spend going through your mail that the pile just gets bigger and bigger? Don’t let your mail pile get in your head, and instead get a nice, easy to use mail organizer like this one so you can easily sort and sift through your mail. No important letters will go unnoticed.

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Find storage that rolls away.

Suprima Rolling Underbed Shoe Holder

An underbed storage solution like this one is easy to use thanks to its wheels, so you can pull out what you need and then tuck it away when you’re not using it.

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Use tension rods to organize shoes.

Another genius way to make better use of your walls: Buy tension rods and hang them in a nook for an easy-to-install shoe rack.


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Show off clothes with a garment rack.

If your closet doesn’t have enough space for your wardrobe, don’t fear — a garment rack provides extra storage. Pro tip: Hang your favorite color coordinated items here and this rack will double as decor.


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Invest in savvy organizers.

Dependable Industries 5 Pocket Bedside Couch Caddy

Skip blindly searching for the remote in the middle of the night and keep it close by in a caddy that hangs off of the side of your bed.

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Roll towels to save space.

Not only will this organizational idea make your closet look neat and tidy, but it is also a space-saver, meaning you can fit more linens into a cramped area.

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Use your wall for storage.

Millwood Pines Wall Organizer With Key Hooks

This multi-functional piece has hooks for keys, a display for photos that’ll put a smile on your face, and a spot for some fresh flowers to brighten up the space.

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Separate items in your drawers.

Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Prevent bras, underwear, and socks from becoming a jumbled mess by adding honeycomb-style organizers. The compartments help make the most of the space and keep all small items visible.

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Make your closet work harder.

If you’re lacking drawer space, this hanging organizer offers cubbies for sweaters and other items you don’t want to hang or stretch out.

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Use a dresser as your nightstand.

For added storage, repurpose a small dresser as a nightstand. This storage solution is the perfect spot to stash off-season clothes, extra sheet sets, accessories, and more.

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Hide extra pillows under your bed.

Harper & Bright Designs Platform Bed with Storage

Whoever thought to create a platform lift for your bed is a genius. You don’t need a linen closet when you invest in this smart design.

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Use a basket to store throw pillows overnight.

Position a deep basket at the foot of your bed to tidy throw pillows and extra blankets.


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Show off your scarves and belts.

HelloMonogramTN Hanging Scarf Organizer

Grab your cutest scarves and turn them into a piece of wall decor with this stunning ribbon organizer.

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Make your bookshelves serve two purposes.

Open shelving requires just the right mix of organization and styling. Start by placing the necessary items, like baskets and books, on your shelves first, then pepper in a few stylish decor pieces and accessories where there’s room.

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Keep a pile-free zone.

Manage last-minute changes without tossing items on the chair or bed by installing a few hooks on the back of your closet door.


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Don’t leave trash around.

Place a small trash can near your nightstand to keep tissues, receipts, and price tags from littering your dresser, bedside table, and other surfaces.

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Store your jeans in the drawer.

TONSAN Wardrobe Clothes Organizer

Who said pants always need to be hung up? If your closest is getting too crowded, experiment with how you fold your jeans. Having a new setup for pants can clear space in your closet and your mind as you find an organizing strategy that makes sense for your life.

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Build a multi-purpose headboard.

Surround your bed with cubbies and a shelf to make it the perfect storage space.

Get the tutorial at Two Make a Home.

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Make a storage-friendly platform bed.  

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Install hooks under your shelves.  

Maximize your wall space by adding hooks under your shelves or, better yet, create this wall shelf with hooks attached.

Get the tutorial at Two Purple Couches.

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Line up your shoes on a ladder shelf. 

Your whole shoe collection can become part of your bedroom decor once add them to this DIY shoe ladder.

Get the tutorial at A Pair & a Spare.

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Store your jewelry inside a wall mirror.  

If you’re looking to have your accessories in one place, it can now all be hidden inside this compartment behind your mirror.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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Hide all your items in this floating shelf.

Your floating shelves won’t feel like wasted space after you add a hidden drawer to them.

Get the tutorial at Rogue Engineer.

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Use corner shelves to save space.

These corner shelves are easy to install, so you have more time to decorate them with plants and pictures.

Get the tutorial at House of Rose.


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Organize items in a handy cubby. 

This cubby might be small, but it will be perfect to place your make-up, nail polish, and other beauty items.

Get the tutorial at Young House Love.

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Leave your clothes in the closet.

Reconfigure your closet layout with a ClosetMaid system, adding double rods to maximize vertical space and shelves to corral shoes and bags. Group your clothing by category (pants, dresses, tops) followed by color, designating an area for each. This makes it easier to find items when getting dressed or putting away fresh laundry.


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Create your own storage system.

These wood boxes are a great way to house and display your out-of-the-box items such as sunglasses and headphones.

Get the tutorial at I Spy DIY.

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Organize jewelry on the dresser.

Meangood Jewelry Tree Stand

Displaying necklaces on jewelry trees and rings and bracelets in trays and cups lets you see everything. Delicate pieces can sit in a lined jewelry box.

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