If you love wrapping gifts for any occasion, then you probably already know that finding a good storage place for your gift wrap, bags, and all that ribbon can be a challenge. Wrapping paper is beautiful, but the rolls of paper take up a lot of space, which is why these ideas and hacks for storing gift wrap, wrapping paper, and gift bags will make your life easier (or at least make your home a bit more organized). Plus, you’ll actually be able to see all the supplies you already have, which just may save you from buying even more cute paper for the next big gifting occasion (maybe).

  • Command Hook Brackets

    Living In A Nutshell

    A smart solution for renters (or those not wanting to ruin their paint), this ingenious hack uses removable hooks and wooden dowels to keep gift wrap organized. This wrapping paper storage idea gets bonus points because you don’t even have to take the roll down to cut the piece you need.

    Renter-Friendly Wrapping Paper Storage from Living In A Nutshell

  • Daybed Drawer Storage

    @basketandbin_tx / Instagram

    If you happen to have a bed with built-in drawers, they make an ideal place for storing both rolls of wrapping paper and organizing gift bags. An empty dresser drawer in a guest room or office works well, too.

    Daybed Gift Wrap Storage by Basket & Bin

  • A Caddy for Organizing Wrapping

    Small Stuff Counts

    This storage caddy has so much room and it takes up such little space. The deep box (from IKEA!) works well to hold folded tissue paper and wrapping, while the top insert keeps gift tags, tape, and other accessories neat and organized.

    Wrapping Paper Storage Bin from Small Stuff Counts

  • A Custom Holder You Can Buld

    Nick + Alicia

    If you’re constantly wrapping gifts, you may already have a dedicated workspace to do your elf-work. You can take it up a notch by making this wrapping paper holder with steps in the tutorial. Plus, it’s so easy to swap paper when you need to.

    Build Your Own Wrapping Paper Storage from Nick & Alicia

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  • Beautifully Organized Drawers

    Mika Perry

    You’ll never forget what gift wrap supplies you have on-hand when they’re laid out this beautifully. Drawers help to keep everything tidy, but underbed storage boxes or even shoe boxes have a similar function, too.

    Gift Wrap Organization from Mika Perry

  • Behind the Door Gift Wrap Storage

    Neat Method

    You’re probably used to seeing these wire storage baskets in bathrooms or kitchens, but they work surprisingly well for holding wrapping paper. Plus, we love inside-the-door storage because it’s a clever use of a space that’s normally wasted.

    Wrapping Paper Storage from Neat Method

  • Long Drawer Gift Wrap Storage

    AZ House Of Order

    If you’re lucky enough to have extra drawer space that’s long enough to accommodate a roll of wrapping paper, then this method is a gorgeous and functional way to store wrapping paper and accessories. Long storage boxes (that can live under a bed) work well, too, if your drawers are already full.

    Wrapping Paper Storage Solutions by AZ House Of Order

  • Peg Gift Bag Holders

    Neat By Meg

    Finally: A way to organize all those cute gift bags you get and hope to one day reuse. Long metal hooks or shelf brackets (on a slatted wall or peg board like the above or just hung from any wall) work well for hanging a ton of bags of similar sizes together.

    Gift Wrap Organization by Neat By Meg

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  • Laundry Baskets

    Blue I Style

    Laundry baskets aren’t just for laundry anymore. This gift wrap closet uses plastic hampers and a cute storage box with dowels for organizing ribbon, paper, and more. If you live in a small space and don’t have a whole closet to devote to wrapping supplies, a laundry basket tucked somewhere discrete will still do the trick.

    Gift Wrap Closet from Blue I Style

  • A Gift Wrap Cart

    Practical Perfection

    When in doubt, a gift wrap cart is the way to go. It has a spot for everything, and you can roll it anywhere, which is helpful when you’re going from room to room.

    Gift Wrap Station from Practical Perfection

  • Gift Wrap in a Laundry Basket

    Just A Girl And Her Blog

    Your wrapping paper doesn’t need to be hidden away when it looks this tidy. Cloth laundry baskets are an ideal height for storing wrapping paper, and the storage becomes part of the decor when you buy a fabric basket in a print you love.

    Gift Wrap Station from Just A Girl And Her Blog

  • Wrapping Paper on Dowels

    @thebloominghammer / Instagram

    This pretty farmhouse shelf with slots for wooden dowels keeps wrapping paper organized while becoming part of your craft room decor. It’s fun to swap out papers seasonally, too.

    Wrapping Paper Dowels from The Blooming Hammer

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  • Elastic Bands to Keep Gift Wrap Closed

    Christina Leaman

    An easy and effective tip to keep wrapping paper rolls looking neat is to secure each one with an elastic tie. This way, the papers lay flat, and they won’t unspool if it gets knocked over.

    Elastic Gift Wrap Storage Tip from Christina Leaman

  • A Clever Hanging Station

    Neat Method

    Hooks and wire baskets on a door organizer can be a wonderful way to store items, like scissors or tape, that always seem to go missing the minute it’s time to wrap.

    Wrapping Paper Storage from Neat Method

  • Behind the Door Custom Storage

    100 Things 2 Do

    This bespoke behind-the-door wrapping paper organizer is ingenious. It sits on the wall-side (as opposed to inside the door) so when the door is open (which pantry doors always seem to be), it’s completely hidden. When the door is closed, everything looks neat and orderly.

    Behind The Door Storage from 100 Things 2 Do

  • Wrapping Paper in File Storage

    A Bowl Full Of Lemons

    You often see wrapping paper stored horizontally, but vertical storage works equally well, particularly for wrapping sheets (instead of rolls). Use a file folder or turn a bookshelf on its side for orderly wrapping you can easily see and quickly pull out.

    Gift Wrap Station Ideas from A Bowl Full Of Lemons